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* LuvSeats® In-Game Seat Exchange is not a ticket for venue admission. You must already have a ticket for admission ALWAYS. LuvSeats® seat purchases made for future events at least 48 hours in advance where a digital ticket is available and has been transferred to LuvSeats® will be re-transferred to the new seat owner prior to the event. Seat owner is instructed to use the primary ticketing app for entry, and then use your new LuvSeats® seat location to access new seats. Some venues have “Premium Seating” sections that require additional credentials to access and may only be available to LuvSeats® members that already have access to these sections. Contact for additional inquiries.

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* Based on available inventory which changes in real-time. Price & participation varies. At participating locations only. Void where Prohibited. Click here to view Term & Conditions

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  • Access to purchase up to 2 LuvSeats In-Game Seat Exchange licenses per event

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$ 39 99 /Month
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  • Access to purchase up to 4 LuvSeats In-Game Seat Exchange licenses per event

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$ 59 99 /Month
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  • Access to purchase up to 8 LuvSeats In-Game Seat Exchange licenses per event

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Membership Per Seat Pricing One Day Purchase Monthly Yearly
Purchase 1 seat per event $9.99 $29.97 $119.88
Purchase up to 2 seats per event $17.98 $53.94 $215.76
Purchase up to 3 seats per event $23.97 $71.91 $287.64
Purchase up to 4 seats per event $27.96 $83.88 $335.52
Purchase up to 5 seats per event $29.95 $89.85 $359.40
Purchase up to 6 seats per event $32.94 $98.82 $395.28

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