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LuvSeats® is a brand-new ticket resale marketplace (a competitor to StubHub®, GameTime®, TickPick®, etc.) offering the Best Seats at the Best Prices.

“Our mission is simple. We don’t ‘screw over’ fans with outrageously-high service fees. Everyone hates them! Why pay more than you need to?” – Darcy Silver Co-Founder & CEO

In addition to buying or selling tickets to the top sporting events, concerts, and more, LuvSeats cutting-edge technology also allows you to upgrade or sell your seats during the event with the first ever LIVE In-Game™ Seat Exchange! Welcome to the 3rd Market!™ Save money and take control of your seating experience. Download the LuvSeats App today!

“Maybe they don’t like their seats, maybe they want to sit with friends — [LuvSeats] gives you a wide variety of options to upgrade during a game.”

Mick Akers
, Writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal

“The idea is a natural fit for his abilities that will revolutionize the sports and live entertainment industry. Silver is looking forward to enhancing the experience with his innovation.”

Debbie Hall
, Broadway World

“A first of its kind app is launching here in Las Vegas to change how fans enjoy live sports.”

Denise Valdez
, 8 News Now

“The Next Wave Of Event Ticketing. [A] Company which is simultaneously building a third market for tickets while attempting to disrupt the existing secondary market. Some people believe ticketing is a game to be played only by giants. I’m not so sure.”

Eric Fuller
, Hollywood & Entertainment Forbes Contributor

“LuvSeats gives fans the options to buy or sell seats. And, it gives fans flexibility on where they sit now. If you see better seats, you can move.”

Ross DiMattei

“The Aviators have named a local company in Las Vegas called LuvSeats as their exclusive in-game seat exchange partner of the 3rd market.”

Paloma Villicana
, FOX 5 Reporter

“[LUVSEATS] gives fans flexibility, and also allows you to move to better seats.”

Dave Courvoisier

“Tickets will be hard to come by, so The Aviators are partnering with a seat exchange site called Luvseats that helps you [B]uy better seats during the game.”

Jason Feinberg
, FOX 5

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Use the LuvSeats app to move seats during the event and get closer to the action.

Leaving early?

Have unused or abandoned seats? Post your vacated seats on LuvSeats and recoup some costs after they are resold.

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LuvSeats can manage your season tickets!

We can help price and sell your seats, and find the seats you want at the best events.

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With LuvSeats find where your friends are sitting before or during the event, then easily buy seats to get closer to them
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Share The LUV Giveaway Winner
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Share The LUV Giveaway Winner
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