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LUV Your Seats With LuvSeats

LuvSeats believes you should LUV your seats every time. From concerts to comedy shows, from live NFL games to minor league baseball, every event experience deserves to become an unforgettable memory. With LuvSeats, loving your seats has never been easier. Simply download the LuvSeats Mobile App and start searching hundreds of seats to the hottest Las Vegas events right now.

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LuvSeats gives you the ability to search for upcoming events in your nearby area and find the best seat for the best price. With LuvSeats you will never pay more than $19.95 in service fees which comparable to our competition will be the lowest amount in service fees. Stop paying hundreds in service fees and use LuvSeats. You will love your seats and your wallet will love you.

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Buy Seats to the hottest events in Las Vegas today on LuvSeats. Concerts like Harry Styles, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano, and so much more are available and waiting for you on LuvSeats. Find your favorite concert, sports team, or theater show. Call a couple of your friends and buy seats together! After more than a year of being locked inside it is finally time to get out there and have some long-awaited fun. LuvSeats is taking Las Vegas by storm and you should be a part of the LUV!

Sell Seats

Can’t make the event you have tickets for? Not a worry. You can sell your unused or abandoned seats on LuvSeats and recoup some of the cost you would have lost by not attending the event. You can choose what price you list the tickets at and even check how much money you will make in return if they sell. While there is no guarantee that your tickets will sell, there is always a better chance they sell if they’re posted rather than not even posting them in the first place. So don’t hesitate, post your seats for sale on LuvSeats and start Sharing The LUV!

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