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Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders kicked off their first season inside the newly built Allegiant Stadium with a bang. The Raiders have overcome 14-point deficits in two games so far this season en route to their 3-0 start to the 2021 season. First in Week 1 and, most recently, an overtime win in Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins. While fans remain hopeful that this strong start continues throughout the season, Raiders fans are excited to be back in person for the first time at the ‘Death Star’ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas

Since the Vegas Golden Knights have forged the path for professional sports in Las Vegas, locals have come from out of the woodworks to support and cheer on Vegas professional sports teams. Now, the Raiders have become the next fan compass for Vegas and its locals. From super fans to bandwagon fans, Allegiant stadium will be home to thousands of screaming fans and sweaty players for years to come. And the “Death Star” stadium is taking no prisoners. The fully enclosed and climate-controlled stadium fits 65,000 fans and is conveniently located adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip for both locals and visitors. The 27,600 square fortress is open and accepting fans to watch live professional football games. While the team expects to see high attendance ratings throughout the season, cheap tickets are far and few between, unless you get your Raiders tickets exclusively on LuvSeats.

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Stay tuned for the May 6th Launch at the Las Vegas Ballpark