LuvSeats Style Guide:
5 Tips For Your Perfect Concert Outfit

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Every concert is a moment for making unforgettable memories, but it’s also a chance to rock your most fashionable outfit! Next time you’re headed to a concert, buy seats on LuvSeats to ensure you’re getting the best seat for the best price. Then, use this LuvSeats Style Guide to get tips on what to wear to the concert. From deciding between comfort or chic to how to rock a fanny pack, this guide is a great start to finding your perfect concert outfit. Buy seats on LuvSeats to your next concert and rock the perfect outfit!

1. Find Your Concert Show Stopper Piece

Every great outfit starts with a show stopper item. When you’re looking for the perfect concert outfit, always start with picking your show stopper piece. This can be anything from your favorite pair of red boots, a pair of vintage blue glasses, or a graphic tee of the band you’re going to see. Whatever it is, make sure you pick that item first before picking out the rest of your outfit. The idea is picking your show stopper item first will make picking the rest of your outfit easier and it will also ensure that you rock your favorite piece of clothing or accessory. 


2. Match Your Outfit with the Concert Vibe

Whatever kind of concert you’re going to, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, Reggae, you will want to match your outfit to the vibe of the concert. You wouldn’t want to wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to a Rap concert, you would definitely be out of style. Whatever music you’re into, it is easy to fit the vibe with your fit. When going to a Hip Hop concert where it is likely to have big mosh pits and dancing, you will want to choose something comfortable and durable.

That would not be the same ideology for a jazz concert where the dress code is more upscale, try a long dress and heels or a crisp button-up with a sports coat. Make sure to always do research on the environment of the concert beforehand so you can be sure to match your outfit with the vibe.

3. Comfort or Chic?

Next item to decide for your perfect concert outfit is deciding whether you want to be comfortable or chic. Style isn’t always the mot comfortable choice so you will want to choose correctly. Concerts can serve as a great photo op with your friends or they can be a night out of fun and comfort. The choose is yours. If you go for comfort, try not to go with your usual Sunday at home sweats but rather some nice leggings and a cute sweater. Comfort can be chic, but it has to be done right.

Now on the topic of chic, while wearing leather pants to a rock concert might fit the vibe, leather and big crowds don’t always mix for the best. Choose wisely but either way, your outfit is not the determining factor in how much fun you will have.


4. Black, White, & Denim

One of the most iconic outfits of all time,black, white, and denim. A denim jacket or a booty-licious pair of jeans can be the perfect show stopper outfit or it can be paired with a black jacket and white shirt and BOOM you have got yourself a perfect concert fit. Simple, classy, and a little bit of a denim flare. Or if you’re feeling really jazzy, you can rock a Canadian tuxedo and wear denim on denim. Throw it back to the 90’s and your outfit will not be forgotten.

5. Play it Smart, Rock a Fanny Pack

Concerts are known for being crowded. When it comes to bringing a purse or handbag, play it safe. Rock a fanny pack. Strap one on your chest and all of your belongings are safe from others. Plus it makes it easy to keep track of your items and they are totally the happening right now. Play it safe, rock that fanny pack all the way to the concert of your life.

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