Welcome To The New Era of Live Entertainment

The 3rd Market has arrived. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology that allows you to upgrade or sell your seats during the event with our In-Game™ Seat Exchange!

LuvSeats understands how important live entertainment means to you. Whether it be a live concert or the Las Vegas Raiders Playing at Allegiant Stadium, LuvSeats is ready to provide you with an experience unlike any other.

With LuvSeats In-Game seat exchange, you can upgrade your seats as soon as the show starts, it’s that easy! Want to know where your friends are sitting at the game? LuvSeats will find out for you so you can buy better and cheaper tickets as soon as the event starts. LuvSeats doesn’t only create new memories, it makes them unforgettable.

What Is the 3rd Market?

Imagine going to see Harry Styles at T-Mobile arena. As you begin to drive to the venue, the unspeakable happens. That’s right, one of your tires ran over a nail on the interstate 30 minutes before Harry is about to go on! What should you do in this situation? It’s simple. With LuvSeats we have created the 3rd market of ticket purchasing, meaning you can put your tickets back on sale at any time. Whether it be a family emergency, wanting to leave early, or a flat tire, LuvSeats is the only entertainment company that is always one step ahead of the competition when the unplanned crisis arises.

The Takeover is Here

Looking for some family fun? Or is it date night and you want to hit the town with your friends? Look no further than the Las Vegas Aviators baseball team. LuvSeats has partnered with the Aviators bringing the most action packed new way to enjoy a classic baseball game. Having the option to switch your seats up to 3 different times, the takeover for the 3rd market is finally upon us. The way of ticket purchasing will never be the same, and this is just the beginning!

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