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Las Vegas Raiders football is back and everyone from America’s playground is excited to check out the new attraction that is making headlines and leaving spectator’s jaws dropped, Allegiant Stadium. Before going to the next home game, here’s 5 things you should know before checking out this new iconic piece of modern architecture.

1. Cashless Facility

An important but not obvious thing to know, Allegiant Stadium does not allow cash. The facility only allows credit and debit cards and is capable of handling both Google and Apple pay on any smart device. What if you only have cash on you? No worries! The Stadium provides multiple kiosk locations that can convert cash to a prepaid debit card. Allegiant Stadium is not only the first major venue to operate completely cashless in Las Vegas, but the first to do so America.

2. Coors Light Landing

When first arriving into the stadium, LuvSeats recommends you to check out Coors Light Landing and the Al Davis Memorial Torch. Facing towards one of the in-zones, the memorial torch is one of the Raiders Stadium’s most iconic attractions due to its size, modern engineering, and pure beauty. Prior to every game, this mechanical torch lights up in honor of the Raider’s long time owner Al Davis and all that he accomplished for the franchise. A mesmerizing piece of architecture that gives the whole stadium energy unlike no other, you definitely need to see this for yourself!

3. Wall of Fame

Trying to find another good photoshoot spot other than by the Memorial Torch? Then head on over to the Allegiant Stadium Wall of Fame. Located on the 200 level, each past member of the Raiders who have reached the Pro Football Hall of Fame are presented to the fans by having ginormous versions of their name and number along the wall.

4. Parking

Here at LuvSeats, we understand the annoyance and stressfulness of finding parking. However, at the new and improved Raider’s stadium, there is about 35,000 parking spots provided for ticket holders in a mile area and 6,000 spots on Allegiant’s parking grounds.. Out of the 35,000 parking spots, about 2,700 of them are allowed to be used for tailgating which provides the true football experience. Want my advice? Get to the game earlier than you think! With fans being allowed to be back at the game, you and your family do not want to miss out on this incredible new Las Vegas experience.

5. The Art Walk

The design of the interior of the Raider’s Stadium is quite special. The diversified forms of artwork that spans the interior walls of the stadium allows not only for more photoshoot opportunities but to take a step back in history to see how this amazing stadium was built. Not only this, but other Las Vegas and Raiders themed paintings cover the interior walls with pristine accuracy and sheer beauty.

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